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418 I Am a Teapot Book Cover a Sci Fi novel by Edgar Scott

418: I Am A Teapot

By: Edgar Scott

#1 Amazon best seller

418 is a web service response code that indicates a client-side error.

418: I Am a Teapot is a near-future dystopian science fiction novel that explores a world where people by choice, birth, or punishment, relinquish the rights to their physical body. Their brains exist in a constantly-connected virtual interface where they enjoy a fantasy world of endless indulgences. However, while their minds have fun, their bodies are controlled by implants doing the filthiest and most dangerous jobs known to humanity.

Stripped of their identities, these dredges of society are simply called staff and they are disposable. But what happens when a staff becomes cognizant of its situation and tries to break free?

When staff number 418’s physical body is broken, he must come to terms with reality before a kangaroo court determines his fate. Will an unlikely friendship save 418 from permanent retirement?

“Inner and outer lives clash in Edgar Scott’s unsettling tale of a world where humans give away their bodies in exchange for pleasures of the mind. Evoking such science-fiction classics as Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot, Scott shows us the extremes of escaping our reality and leaving our bodies behind.”


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