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Edgar Scott
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So, what made Edgar Scott, an economist-turned senior database and DevOps manager pivot to writing novels? It’s his knack for writing since he first dabbled on it in 1995 and inspiration from books like 1984 and Brave New World. Edgar wrote two unpublished books on his personal life experiences at 25.

He believes when you first start to write, it should be about you. You’ve got to get your story out onto the paper. Then you can create a great work of fiction that is immersive and believable for your reader. His experience has taught him that people’s limited beliefs often keep them prisoners in a life they don’t want to live.

That’s the theme Edgar likes to explore in his futuristic and dystopian novels. He sees the world of technology through the eyes of a keen economist. His writing explores the depths of speculative science fiction that will make you think of modern life’s perils. Follow his stories on Facebook.

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The process of life is the process of building

Edgar Scott graduated from the prestigious Dalhousie University with honors having earned a BS in Economics.

The start of his career took him through various jobs in networking, politics, and web hosting in Canada. Edgar soon moved to the US to work as a database and Linux specialist. For over 20 years, Edgar served as a Senior Database Administrator and Development Operations Team Manager in financial, crypto-currency, medical industries, and start-ups. He ins now a full-time writer reaching millions with his captivating books. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


Who Is Edgar Scott

Edgar Scott was born in Houston and grew up in Canada. The last of three boys born to a brilliant Leukemia specialist and a manic-depressive mother, Edgar’s childhood was not normal. Through trial and error, Edgar turned his family situation into an opportunity to become the best version of himself. He struggled in the classroom but thrived on the field. His love for baseball and hard training got him a spot in numerous all-star teams, playing under assumed names in the US. It got Edgar through high school until he tore his shoulder. The journey of author Edgar Scott is one of success despite adversity.

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